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Hello Folks!

First thing first, thank you for reading me!

The main goal of that blog is to share few of the pictures that I take during my different trips. So in theory this will be the only place on this blog where you will find information about me. So if you want to know more, keep reading otherwise go back quickly to the homepage!

About me

About Me

My life could be summarize in a very short sentence: I am a French mechanical engineer in his mid-thirties. Boooooring! 🙄

My life became sexier when I move to Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 2009. I had a nice work opportunity, nothing really keeping me in France and a serious need to improve my English. From that moment, I started travelling whenever it was possible.

What I love

Obviously I like travelling but not only. I love going out, discovering the world, going to concerts. But I must say that I also really like being quiet at home… And there I can be a “baby geek” (pretend to know stuff about computers without really knowing), watching TV series, reading…

My preferred book / author

My favorite novel is a French novel written by Jean-Christophe Grangé: La ligne noire

My favorite author is a graphic novel author: Joe Sacco

My preferred music

I listen a lot of Jazz, Dub, Roots Dub and Roots Reggae.

My preferred band

Probably still High Tone

My preferred TV series

The Wire. According to me the masterpiece of TV series.

What I don’t like

That’s always more difficult to list… I don’t like goat cheese (I just lost all the French readers) and Brussels sprouts, I don’t like to fail (who likes it anyway?) and I don’t like to be late (but it happens quite a lot).

Why this blog?

Honestly for a very selfish reason: I like doing it. I like to “develop” a website, improve it, learn new things and then see it growing. Before this website, I had multiple blogs and I enjoyed it. Then I realize that writing posts was time consuming and was really subjective. So I decided on this new one to share few pictures of my trips with few words and let the people contacting me if they want information about the country or city. I will always answer with pleasure to your questions (if I can answer).

As written, I share only few of the pictures that I take during my trips. Why not more? Because most of them are bad… I am not an artist… I am an engineer. So give me the recipe to make good photos and I might become better. 🙂 Eventually I select only few pictures (where I am not on it) and share them. They don’t always have an interest. I don’t rework my pictures, I upload them as they were taken (only reduce the size).

How to contact me?

You can contact me by using the contact form or the comment section on each page / post and I will answer you by email (or comment). Feel free to ask me your questions about my trips, it will be always a pleasure to answer!

My past trips

Because I had multiple blogs, I have uploaded so far only my last trips. I will probably add older trips in the future. Here is a list of my most important trips so far:


China (Beijing, Shanghai, Yellow mountain, Suzhou)


Vietnam (From north to south), Lofoten islands (Norway), Istanbul


New York, Vietnam (Mekong delta), Cambodia, Bangkok


6 months trip: Kuala Lumpur, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Sydney, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, China (Yunnan, Xian’, Beijing), Mongolia (Gobi Desert and Ulaanbaatar), Tran-Siberian train (stop in Listvyanka), Moscow & Saint Petersburg


Canadian rookies and Vancouver island


North Ireland, Jerusalem and Dead sea region, Cuba, Porvoo (Finland)


New York, Toronto, Milan, Luxembourg, Hike in the French Alps

And a lot of trips in Europe

Amsterdam, France, London, Koln, Oslo, Helsinki, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Barcelona, Madrid, Roma, Milan, Venice, Geneva, Lausanne, Edinburgh…

So the travel map should get more and more complete according to the time…

I hope that you enjoy that blog and feel free to give me feedback!

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