France – Hiking week end in Plateau d’Assy (French Alps)


Country: France
Period: July 2016
Length of stay: 2 days
Trip duration: 2 days (Week End)


We spent a very nice week end hiking in the French Alps. We started on Saturday morning by the via ferrata de Curalla. A very nice via ferrata of 500 meters long going up for 200 meters. Beautiful view all along! Probably to avoid for the ones scared of height. 🙂 Then we continued directly with a hike to the refuge de Platé via the path going through Charbonnière. We were sleeping in the refuge.

Describing the refuge is easy… It is awesome! Great location, great view, great people, great food… Everything is perfect! If you want to know more it is here. Most of the pictures below have been taken from the refuge de Platé. Falling a sleep with a direct view on the Mont Blanc is not bad! 😉

The second day, we made our way down to the Plateau d’Assy via Barmerousse. The way down was far from boring either: also very nice view with a quite different landscape compared to the first day.

Click on the pictures to open the gallery.

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